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Tasks likely take creativity from Pocket Frogs, another of NimbleBit’s Freemium game,, another of NimbleBit’s Freemium Iphone titles, where gamers are paid reward items (potions or stamps) or money for gathering certain frogs, unassociated with the frequent play of the overall activity. Missions will allow the gamer Tiny Bux (so far a range of 4 to 28 TB is known) for storing a minimal amount of certain places of items. Everytime the gamer shares a item appropriate to the objective in success, it is “delivered” to the objective rather than to the shop on the market. In this way even the most extremely high volumes of inventory necessary for some missions can be gathered eventually with no additional attempt from the gamer — simply a compromise of the possibly gained value of money.

Only one objective can be in success at a time; transferring missions cancels any success made on the past objective without settlement.

 Missions List

Mission Name Text Product Floor Product Floor Reward Date
One Mad Tea Party A Mad Hatter is throwing a absolutely mad tea party and needs the following: 1,500 Green Tea Tea House 2,800 Sugar Cookies Bakery 10 TB 18 November 2011
Comic Convention Your tower is hosting a comic convention and needs to collect: 2,500 Mage Cards Comic Store 2,000 Cold Medicine Pharmacy 10 TB 18 November 2011
Award Night Your tower is hosting an awards show! We need the following: 5,400 Teeth Whitening Dentists Office 450 Haircut Barber Shop 6 TB 18 November 2011
The Dude Abides A cherished rug has been stolen! Bowling and sarsaparilla will help us think! We need: 1,350 Single Game Bowling Alley 2,500 Root Beer Pub 5 TB 18 November 2011
One Big Score Some Bitizens think they have a system to beat the odds! Collect the following: 9,000 Loan Application Bank 4,500 Poker Game Casino 18 TB 18 November 2011
Bithoven’s Symphony A grand symphony has been planned! We need: 2,700 Chair Wood Shop 1,000 Sheet Music Music Store 5 TB 18 November 2011
Prom Night Your tower is hosting a prom dance! The dance requires: 1,125 Corsage Floral Studio 4,500 3 Piece Suit Mens Fashion 7 TB 18 November 2011
A Bit Fishy A recent oil spill has resulted in a sea food shortage! People can’t get enough: 1,125 Sea Urchin Sushi Bar 1,350 Shrimp Platter Mexican Food 5 TB 18 November 2011
Thanksgiving Feast Family from all over are flying in for a feast! Gather these items: 2,250 Roast Duck Fancy Cuisine 2,700 Flight Booking Travel Agency 6 TB 23 November 2011
On the Beat Tiny Tower police need a coffee break! Bring them: 300 Cup of Joe Diner 2,025 Glazed Donut Donut Shop 4 TB 30 November 2011
The Heist Some Bitizens are planning a heist on a neighboring tower. They need these supplies: 2,025 ID Badges Security Office 8,100 Radio Security Office 8 TB 7 December 2011
Soy Loco A vegetarian craze is sweeping the tower, all people want to eat are: 2,025 Orange Tofu Asian Cuisine 1,575 Soy Burger Vegan Food 5 TB 14 December 2011
Santa’s Swap The children in your tower need cookies for Santa in exchange for their toys! 1,650 Sugar Cookies Bakery 2,050 Toy Soldiers Toy Store 4 TB 21 December 2011
New Years 2012 Everyone is excited to celebrate the coming of the new year in your tower! Celebrations and resolutions require: 450 Cocktail Night Club 5,400 Cardio Workout Health Club 8 TB 28 December 2011
Save the Planet A growing number of Bitizens are becoming environmentally conscious, we need: 3,600 Mountain Bike Bike Shop 450 Beet Salad Vegan Food 6 TB 4 January 2012
Nasty Bug There’s a nasty bug going around your tower :( Those affected need the following: 450 Cold Medicine Pharmacy 525 Soup & Sandwich Diner 5 TB 11 January 2012
Last Night Bitizens in your tower have been making some decisions they regret! There’s been a run on: 450 Root Beer Pub 7,200 Demon Skull Tattoo Parlor 7 TB 18 January 2012
Hot Trends Hipsters in your tower have lead to increased demand of: 225 Espresso Coffee House 6,750 Discography Record Shop 10 TB 25 January 2012
The Big Game Everyone is excited to watch the big game! Collect the following: 10,350 Flat Screen TV Tech Store 1,125 Hot Wings Pub 15 TB 1 February 2012
Valentine’s 2012 Everyone in your tower is making plans for Valentine’s Day, stock the following: 5,400 Stone Massage Day Spa 16,200 Arrangement Floral Studio 28 TB 08 February 2012
Presidents Day 2012 Celebrations and sales are in full swing for Presidents Day! Stock the following: 3,200 Used Van Auto Dealer 5,200 End Table Furniture Store 7 TB 15 February 2012
Beware of Dog After failing to buy your tower, a rival developer would like the following: 13,500 Tower Design Architect Office 4,500 City Sim Game Studio 21 TB 22 February 2012
Superstar A certain young pop singer is going to be performing in your tower! We need: 4,500 Band Poster Graphic Design 5,250 Album Record Shop 9 TB 29 February 2012

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