Tiny Tower 1.3 Patch!

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Tiny Tower 8 Tiny Tower 1.3 Patch!
The game seemingly came out of nowhere, and as soon as Russ Frushtick convinced me to start playing, I was hooked. I’m normally a bit wary of free-to-play mobile titles, but “Tiny Tower” is just as addictive by nature, you will have trouble, they sit down, once you’ve jumped on board. NimbleBit have have done a great job of updating the game with exciting new features so far, and today’s update is no exception.
NimbleBit have released Version 1.3 for Tiny Tower!
New elevator! The days of using our slow elevator is 16 ppm gold over! The Infini-Lift Lightspeed runs at 42 ppm and costs to upgrade 499 Bux! We hope you save it!
Upgraded VIP real estate! The Real Estate VIP has been updated to fill all the empty room on a certain floor.
Business upgrades! Now you can increase the “level” of your company for 3 Bux. Each level allows you to stock up 75 more elements of the individual elements. I upgraded my business more than 30 times in search of a level limit, but it does not seem to be a still. If you know any information about this, please send it through feedback or even a comment on this post.
Dream job bonus compromise! You will receive two Bux for every dream job. That is one less than in the game was originally released, and one more than the last one!

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