Tiny Tower – Basic Guide

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Let’s start with the introduction to gameplay element in the game so that you have a thorough understanding of how you should go about playing it.

Tiny Tower Stock5 Tiny Tower – Basic Guide

Tower Bux

We call it the local currency of the game. Players can use it to build new flooring, upgraded elevators, or spend it on a Bitizen. If you play normally, then it will gradually Bux then spent depending on your needs and preferences can be earned.

If you really quickly, which I recommend, in order to enjoy the game properly, you can buy bux and they spend to speed things up. But if you choose the regular way, you will always be something to do in the game.


Bitizen are your people, to bring virtually any task you create items, ie to sell them and in a few coins to construct floors and extend to your tower.

Now you do not want to be able to adjust each Bitizen each floor, as she is certain specialties, and more generally preferences.In Bitizens you have faster your growth.

Bitizen work at their favorite places is to work efficiently and get you to trade in return a small bonus for this example. You can also Bitbook a kind of virtual social network for the workers who will be some helpful hints.

Tiny Tower 2 Tiny Tower – Basic Guide


You begin the game with a single floor and then build it according to instructions. It is not a tower, of course, so it’s your job to not only add more floors above, but also organize to make the task easy monitoring.

Each floor shares may have up to three entries, and each share a different timer, but once it sells, it’s your job to know the Bitizens, so they order more.

When they are refilled, you can re-place for the sale. It is easy to examine a few floors, but as soon as your tower has 25 floors or so, you can arrange to go crazy the kind of thing is important if you do not want it to be a confusion in the later phases.

You may also want to turn off the local news when you’re not playing the game, as in the worst of times, which, as you are with your girlfriend knows, maybe move. Be May? Anyway, if you are OK with the continuous beeps, they are on reminding you about the updates will keep in your tower.


Elevators serve as pick-and-drop facility for your Bitizens and sometimes even the VIPs. The transport of Bitizens and VIPs to their destinations reward you deserve.

Be sure to properly VIPs who can use a big difference in your production.

Tiny Tower Tips

Here are some tips that will help you quickly expand your tower.

In general, the more Bitizens you have, the more products you will be in a sale and thus more coins in short. time
Do not move to Bitizens on your own, so you need to make the moves. The experience level of Bitizen will tell you how much discount you receive, or restocking products.
Try that your floors are fully loaded before you leave the game. In this way, your stock is sold, most before you start playing it again.
Do not be hasty, and spend any cash you receive at the beginning of the game rather camp up to 50 bux and then swap it for 100.00 gold.
Select only the affected Bitizen, the skillful enough for the vacant position you have in your soil.

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  1. jiordan says:

    What do you do when you have four bitizens that all have the same dream job ?

  2. Milia says:

    Man this has to be the most dead on content ive seen so far among pages and pages of glgooe results, relating to the tiny tower app. (see how I refered to it only as an app and not a game)?Tiny towers has been horribly toxic to me. And while I stay away from many of the more common life-draining apps out there, I am still guilty though of my fair share of hours and days wasted over a new addictive app. Tiny towers however is by far the most crack-like app to sneak up and borrow my soul. Really great post

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