Tiny Tower – Basic Tower Building Guide

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Tiny Tower 1 Tiny Tower   Basic Tower Building Guide

You should now begin to build his tower. Above the lobby, a construction site with a crane and a billboard that says is “Build Soil 600 coins.”
You may be asked to click a command prompt, if you sure you want to build a second floor on the billboard. Click Yes to the second floor and is ready for use. You will also receive an additional turret. It is every time you build a new floor.
Now the ground is good, but it’s still empty. Click on the empty floor, where it will be a list of the types of soils showed that one has to convert it. How does it start the game, only the type of flooring can take your game to the second floor is residential. Click it to continue.
(It may take several minutes to several hours), usually you have to stop waiting for the building, but you can accelerate the use of turret. Click on the website, and then to hurry up and spend a dollar to finish it.

Tiny Tower 2 Tiny Tower   Basic Tower Building Guide

This process works for any additional floors you want to add their partisanship.Vazquez earns enough money to add them. We will discuss the types of floors later.

Elevators In Tiny Tower:

Elevators play an important role in the fulfillment of the tower, and a tiny tower, they are particularly important.
In the lobby you are an occasional straggler in search of a hand, to take them to certain gender.

Tiny Tower Building 4 Tiny Tower   Basic Tower Building Guide

To the elevator, lobby, press, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow keys to operate the elevator, if necessary. Once you reach the floor with a lift, the lift can fall down and stop automatically in pol.Lift back to the lobby.
If you are able to provide the driver with quick enough, you’ll get advice for your good work too. Sometimes they can even tip you on the tower Buck!
VIP guests will also appear from time to time in the elevator. If you need a click you have the reason they are there and what they can do at a certain floor.VIP guests things like speed up delivery times, which accelerates the time of construction or purchase of certain goods in the business not. Just get on the floor that you want their is best to use for the rest done automatically.

Stores and Stock

On top of allowing only residents live your tower, you can also shops, restaurants another types of vendors as well. These types of floor divided into five categories: residential, recreation, service, food, and retail.

Tiny Tower Stock5 Tiny Tower   Basic Tower Building Guide

If you are looking to add businesses to the ground, you will see a menu with various options, along with a requirement for everyone. Be sure to pick up business, to satisfy the demand, which most people live in your tower.
If one of the companies that you have completed created, you can recruit staff and the ordering of products for sale.

Click on the newly created business, and click on the lease. You will now be shown to all tenants living in your tower. Click on one of them to her in his shop.Within to hire any of these names, you will see their employment status. On the right you will see your skills and desire employment. Each tenant has individual abilities, how well he or she does define their work. In fact, all you want, how well they can do their work for hire. For example, if I can be only one rating for food, you probably do not want to hire me to work in your store frozen yogurt. However, I can have 9 rating in the recreation area set me as your arcade would be ideal.
The right to request employment is the ultimate goal for each of them, and this is just an absolute space, that they wish to work. Placing a person in the job they want at a 2X stock for the goods in the store when it is replenished can lead.

Tiny Tower 8 Tiny Tower   Basic Tower Building Guide

Once you have hired three tenants work in a shop, you can fill one of the products shown in the shop by clicking on them too. Takes to deliver lower-quality less time than high-quality products, but sell them for much less than good. You can speed up the delivery process with the tower tank or two if you think you need it.
After delivery, you can expand the memory by selecting the box was opened in the store to open. At this point you can also begin stocking the store, if you need other types of products.

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