Tiny Tower Currency Strategy

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Tiny Tower Stock5 Tiny Tower Currency Strategy


The fastest way to earn money, though perhaps painful, is saving the Tower Bux steps in to 50. Then they can be put into the bank from the main menu, the best ratio for coins traded by far.

Exchanging Tower Bux for Coins

When replacing the tower Bux for coins in Tiny Tower, consider this: Which is the better exchange of long-term investment? For example, consider that a tower Bux now for 250 coins, or it would be worth saving for the future and get 100,000 coins for 50 Bux?

I bet it for you;

Option 1: The cheapest option is to replace a tower Bux for 250 coins. Let’s put the words “Tower Bux” as “TB” in an effort to save time.

250 coins / 1 TB = 250 coins. Thus 1TB = 250 coins in the first option. OK it’s an investment, but persistent as an investor, you can find a better alternative.

Option 2: The second possibility is the exchange of 5 Bux tower for 1,500 coins. That would mean that a tower Bux, or 1 TB, 300 of coins.

1,500 coins / 5 TB = 300 Coins, so 1 TB = 300 coins. The second possibility seems to be the better investment, as in Option 2 corresponds to a Bux a whole more than 50 coins in Option 1

Option 3: Let us now turn to option 3, which is the replacement of 20 Bux tower for 20,000 coins to move. If I Mathematics;

20,000 coins / 20 TB = 1,000 coins, ie, 1TB = 1,000 coins.

Big difference, is not it? The shooting the value of a Bux tower of 300 coins to 1000 coins, so that option 3 is the best investment so far.

Option 4: The last and most expensive replacement is 50 Bux tower for 100,000 coins. Here’s the math:

100,000 coins / 50 GB = 2.000 TB. Therefore corresponds to a whopping 1TB 2,000 coins, which would be the obvious best investment. Noting that the original value of 250 coins was a tower Bux and now it’s 2000 coins, the final value of a tower Bux 8 times more than the original investment!

If possible, stay persistent, and save each tower Bux possible, once you reach 50 and then replace them with 100,000 coins, it will pay off.

Tower Bux Coins Conversion Rate
1 250 250
5 1,500 300
20 20,000 1,000
50 100,000 2,000

Floor Upgrades
At the cost of 3 Tower Bux, the player can constantly update, a commercial floor. Each stage of the upgrade works as follows:

Adds 75 stock on each product
Adds 45 coins to the cost of restocking each product
Add 5 minutes to the repopulation time of each product

Because of patterns appear similar cost-bearing relationships across all levels of the game, we can affect the financial performance of an updated floor compare to a normal to a light. Notice will that cost and profit per product expression:

Coffee House, LVL 1
Item Quantity Stocking Price Cost Profit
Espresso 75 45 coins 0.6 coins 0.4 coins
Tall Latte 150 90 coins 0.6 coins 1.4 coins
Frappe 300 180 coins 0.6 coins 2.4 coins
Coffee House, LVL 2
Item Quantity Stocking Price Cost Profit
Espresso 150 90 coins 0.6 coins 0.4 coins
Tall Latte 225 135 coins 0.6 coins 1.4 coins
Frappe 375 215 coins 0.573 coins 2.427 coins
Sub Shop, LVL 1
Item Quantity Stocking Price Cost Profit
3 Inch Sub 150 90 coins 0.6 coins 0.4 coins
6 Inch Sub 225 135 coins 0.6 coins 1.4 coins
12 Inch Sub 300 280 coins 0.6 coins 2.4 coins

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  1. u r stupid says:

    quick selling stock gives u more coins per bux than the bank!!!

    • No, you are. says:

      Of course quick selling stock will give you more coins. But some of us have lives and don’t want to continuously atch tiny tower to make sure quick selling stuff is in stock.

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