Tiny Tower Quick Start Guide, Tips and Cheats

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Tiny Tower Promo Tiny Tower Quick Start Guide, Tips and Cheats

Tiny Tower iPhone App :

Tiny Tower had updated new content. Nimblebit has updated its free-to-play connection to version 1.3, by a lot of the personality, the mixture via a free update. The headliner is the new citizens dress-up menu that allows you the costumes of the inhabitants, when to change forever. In this sense, it is also a new Web tool that unleashes the power of the creator of your own citizens.

On the more mechanical front, has version 1.3 is a new residential floor added and increased the bonus to 2 dream job “bux”. Also, business floors can now be upgraded to hold more junk will now fill all the VIPS were introduced with empty bedrooms in a particular floor, and a new lift. A few rare-ish crash bugs have been fixed, too.


Tiny Tower Quick Start Guide, Tips And Walkthrough:

Getting Started

To start playing a tiny tower, you need to play on your device by pressing the “Play Now” button at the top of the screen.
After completion of the game to download, you can find the symbol, the “Little Tower” on the home screen of the device and click it says.
When you first start the game is a short guide to show you how to get started with the game are given. Knowing the ropes, at the end the best way to build an amazing tower.
First, you will be asked if you have an account Game Center to get started. If you do not have an account, you can be one by subscribing to Annex Game Center, which can be found on the home screen. They are for a password and account ITunes to a nickname when registering you will be prompted to create.
Tiny Tower 101 Tiny Tower Quick Start Guide, Tips and Cheats

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