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basic men Tiny Tower Tips Basic FAQ

Tiny Tower Basic 1. Overview
Tiny Tower is a game for iOS/Android in which you build a tower from the ground. You have to build each floor and decide what it will be moving in new tenants and organize them into an effect on staff to make more money to build more floors and so on. It’s similar to games like Farmville on Facebook.

The Basics
In tiny tower there is a large tower built by the construction of floors. If you build a new floor, you can choose what type of soil from one of several categories. While you can select a category, you can use any kind of business that should be built, and in fact you will not even know until the floor has been constructed.
If you begin construction of a floor, you have to wait a few hours, until the bottom is complete, unless you build it with Bux (see tower Bux) rush. After you finish the floor, you must choose which bitizens it will run and then order them in stock for sale, if it is a business type is ground, or move into new bitizens whether it is a kind of residental land. Then you can start working towards the next floor.

These little people are what you work with in tiny tower. They have different abilities and needs, and attention is on this decisive progress in the game quickly.
Each tower bitizen in your busy or not you catch 100 coins every 24 hours in real time. It never changes and it is not so much of an income, even with loads of them. You will receive your rent if you open the game for the first time in any 24 hour period.

Each bitizen has a rating of 1 to 9 in 5 skills, food, service, leisure, retail and creative. This number determines how effective they are in this class of jobs.
Higher skill level ratings do not directly affect job performance, but each number in the evaluation of the restocking fee is reduced for this type of business by 1% if they work there. Thus, three employees at a reduced skill level of 9 for the food, minus a processing fee for each type of food business by 27%. This is a great way to earn money to help you quickly how to make a much bigger profit.

Dream Jobs
Dream jobs are those that everyone wants bitizen. Your dream job is determined at random for each bitizen. Depending on what your platform, these people can be extremely useful or completely useless if you do not have the right business model. If an employee in her dream job to you is the ability to inventory the supply of goods double in one fell swoop to win as usual, every employee, you can double your support for a category of products, so you have 3 Dream Jobber for the most expensive items.
This means you can leave the game alone for longer without your stuff to sell for money, and you will have less down time to restock, because your business can hold more. You should always set bitizen everyone in her dream job that you can see how they make your stores more efficiently.

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  1. Marion says:

    I’m stuck unable to built any new floor . It says : no floor of this type available at this level. And I couldn’tfind how to change level. Thanks for the reply

  2. jonz says:

    I have the vip logo all the way across the bottom of my screen preventing me from clicking on stock or find bitzen icons.

    how do i get these vip icons off?

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