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Tiny Tower 8 Tiny Tower Tips Buxs
VIPs are special bitizens that appear randomly in the elevator. If you want to appear VIPs, you need to keep the elevator from the provision of clear random people, their land, which can seem very tedious. VIPs can be very useful but often this will be worth it.
Construction workers: the VIP, which seems to be the most common is to take 3 hours before the construction of each new word. This is very useful, he often decides when you have no new floors, so you forced him to deliver a random floor, only to delete your elevator.
Delivery Man: The VIP is 3 hours before the re-population of the time of each business that he take over at delivery. This is a great opportunity, and you should pick your major be for him. Try not to waste it on simple objects and keep the expensive stuff.
Big Spender: The VIP buy-out will make your entire inventory of items for a shop. This is good for a quick influx of money and you should click on the well-stocked shop to deliver.
Celebrity: The VIP will be a business with a constant stream of customers for a few minutes. Deliver them to a well-stocked shop to make sure you do not run out of things to sell to the masses.
Real Estate: New in version 1.2, this can be a VIP bitizen in a residential floor move free. Useful, but you are not using the elevator that much.

Tower Bux
Bux are separated by type of currency coins. If you build virtually any other type-em-up games are played, you will be familiar with this kind of money, whether cash farm in Farmville or other. Bux in tiny tower are much more marginal than in other such games, however.

First Bux

They also buy with real money, there are a number of ways to get in the game Bux:

Lift-Tip: Sometimes, when a random person who is not a tenant on one floor you a hint of a Bux, you get inside.
This was unusual, in front, the 1.2.1 update, the chance to be tipped to be increased.

Birthdays: If you play the game on the same day as one of their bitizen birthdays, you can see in her profile, you will receive a dollar.

Reward: You often get mini quests popping up from a “person” icon at the bottom of the screen called. We kindly ask to find a specific person in your tower. If you have a good memory, this should be easy enough early in the game, how would you show a picture. Later, when you will have many stories that often have to be too burdensome, with difficulty, because it usually takes a long time to locate them. If you have your bitizens dressed in the costumes they will see almost all of this game and this search will be very difficult indeed.

Dream Jobs: Putting a bitizen used in their dream job, you earn 3 to Bux. This was reduced to 1 and then set at 2 Bux of updates. It is still the best ways to short Bux buy them. If you have three bitizens in a dream job and then a forth, which also happened to get over this job, you can use one of your existing unemployment and put the new man in Bux for 2 more bonus. This kind of dream job really comes into its own agriculture late in the game where you have so many stories that it’s a good chance you will have a floor for the majority of the You bitizens have you move in, so you can quickly generate Bux.

Moving in bitizens

Cost: 1 Bux

Move into bitizens Bux is very useful because it provides you with a new tenant immediately, which is much, much better to wait to reach the elevator and delivered it himself. Specific tenants in this way is very useful if you are insistent dream for jobbers. Simply pay a Bux for instant tenant and if he is not what you need to distribute and pay him another Bux for another tenant, so that the unit to tenants quickly, until you find your dream jobbers . After the first 10 floors or so you should get all your tenants in this way.

Hurry construction

Cost: 2 -? Bux

Hurry floor construction can be a good idea early on, to construct floors last a long time and a new floor, free to make more money, or that are more bitizens without waiting times. After 30 or so floors, but this is very expensive to do and is a huge waste of Bux.

Hurry stocking

Cost: 1 Bux

Hurry restocking effect that fill the store immediately to its current order. This can be useful sometimes, but it is ultimately a waste of good Bux. Use it only if you know more than you Bux, what to do.

Instant Sell

Cost: 1 Bux

As a result, sell a business, once all its shares. Coupled with hurrying restocking, this is you can sell hundreds of items very quickly and earn coins quickly. It’s a waste of Bux, however, like to sell items that tend in an hour anyway. If you spend Bux has to spend on restocking times before he spent on selling fast.

Upgrading your elevator


With Bux is the only way to lift the tower into a faster upgrade. While this is a costly endeavor, it is all but required if your tower is about a dozen floors, if you do not want to hold the “UP” forever. Later, elevators are available and you want to update as soon as possible, as if you reach 50 floors and still have the first or second act, you’ll know boredom.

Buy Costumes

Cost: 3 or 5 depending on the costume Bux

A new feature is the ability to buy costumes for your bitizens. These range from ninjas, cat suits to Star Trek uniforms and maid outfits. Each costs 3 or 5 Bux and once you buy it as soon as you can as much as you like. You can have your coffee barista for nursing home or in your doctor’s office. Note that in this way, most bitizens pretty much the same, the conclusion can then loses bitizen quests will be nearly impossible.

7th The menu

Tapping the green button menu, a menu screen opens with twelve options:

An overview of your bitizens useful to check to see who can be seen in what job, and see if you missed any dream jobbers.

Includes sound settings and a button to reset your tower and start again.

Here you can find out about free games from the developers.

Game center:
Use this to your game center services.

All friends towers, including the inside.

Shows the demand for each floor type, how many of each type is your tower and your sales per minute. Useful for deciding what to build next and find out how effective are your business.

Update your elevator here. There are three elevators each faster than the last. The prices are 25, 75 and 125 Bux.

Get Bux:
Buy Bux tower with real money if you need to feel.

Exchange Bank Bux for coins:
The bank is useful, but you should only replace Bux 20 or more. You get only 1,500 coins for 5 Bux, the deal is terrible compared to 20,000 for 20 Bux.

This paradory of Facebook you can read your thoughts bitizens. As long as it is completely pointless, it’s fun to read.

With this option, you can customize a bitizen to take a picture. You can use this image for avatars or whatever you like. It does not affect the game bitizens.

Share Tower:
With this option you can take a great shot of your entire tower and save it to your camera roll or share the URL of screenshots with others. Great for showing off to friends!

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